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Questions and Answers About Writing and Reading Essays For Students With Reading and Writing Learners

<h1>Questions and Answers About Writing and Reading Essays For Students With Reading and Writing Learners</h1><p>For perusing and composing students, it is imperative to ensure that they are utilizing the right spelling, sentence structure, accentuation, and jargon in their article. As a paper is perused and audited, mistakes and broken utilization of words can demolish a peruser's experience.</p><p></p><p>It is essential to have a legitimate exposition for somebody who needs to think of one. Having your paper group adjusted to the norms set by the AP U.S. History test will be increasingly successful in improving scores. Peruse more articles on this topic.</p><p></p><p>These articles talk about the pieces of a paper that will be useful to those keen on improving their presentation on the exposition. A portion of these subjects incorporate beginning an article, sketching out, being reliable, and getting into a propensit y for writing.</p><p></p><p>Reading and composing students will discover perusing an important aptitude. The most well known types of perusing, for example, magazines, books, papers, and magazines are for the most part instances of good perusing and composing. Nonetheless, there are explicit parts of perusing and composing that ought to be taken a gander at. They are explicit perusing and composing abilities, and an approach to guarantee that the crowd has their consideration and is paying attention.</p><p></p><p>If you're attempting to compose an exposition, at that point it would be a smart thought to take a gander at these three stages. You will need to initially layout your exposition and how you are going to end. At that point you should diagram how you are going to start, just as remembering certain subtleties for each section, which could incorporate a connection, a meaning of what you are discussing, and a conclusion.</p> <p></p><p>Next, you should layout how you will close the last passage. Keep in mind, you don't need to incorporate everything about; simply need to give a few thoughts. After you've gotten done with these segments, you should audit your exposition and ensure that everything is up to standard.</p><p></p><p>In expansion to perusing and composing, there are a few different methods that are normal when understudies are attempting to improve their scores. A theme rundown can likewise be a significant component, as a decent one can be utilized to assist you with composing an article and guarantee that you realize what sort of materials to use in your exposition. You can get a thought of where to start by investigating these articles.</p>

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Writing Articles - How to Use Articles to Increase Your Website Traffic

Writing Articles - How to Use Articles to Increase Your Website TrafficWriting articles is a very exciting way to use the internet, and having a successful business that uses articles is something that is worth your time. However, to make your articles useful to the reader, you need to know how to use them properly.First, you should always start with an article that is focused on a particular topic. This is a great way to get your name out there and can help people find your site. If you just start writing for a general audience, the chances of people finding your website are slim to none.Second, you need to get into the habit of using keyword analysis to find the most important keywords to get your site ranked in the search engines. These keywords are what will tell Google and other major search engines what your site is about. It's important to get this right, because if you get your site ranked high in the search engines, your readers will be able to find you. Just remember, the m ore your keywords are used, the better chance you have of ranking high.Third, you should always keep your articles on the topic. This is a much better way to get visitors to your site, since they will be reading about something they can relate to. People love to read about themselves and this is something that they can relate to in an article.Fourth, you should always do a follow up to your article. You should always write three or four follow up articles on your topic, so that you never lose readers. They will continue to come back to your site for information on your topics.Fifth, you should always use proper grammar and spelling. The last thing you want is your readers feeling insulted by your bad writing skills. Always make sure that your articles are properly formatted and you do not use misspelled words or grammatical errors.Sixth, the last thing you need to consider is how to effectively split up your articles. There are two ways to do this, and both are good ways to make sur e you stay on topic. In addition, you should also use images in some articles, so that your readers will be able to connect to the image more easily.Lastly, make sure that your article is completely unique, and unique to your site. People will not want to go to another site for information on the same thing that you are writing about. It's a good idea to write your own content as this way you can control what it is about and it is original.

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What Is the Minimum For a College Essay

What Is the Minimum For a College Essay?If you are applying to college this year and you need some guidance about writing a college essay that fits within the word limit, this article is for you. It will explain the true definition of the word 'word limit' and what is considered to be a word that exceeds it. The essence of the situation is that many students feel that they must write 'extravagantly' in order to get the required letter of acceptance.When I say 'extravagantly', I am referring to the use of as many adjectives and adverbs as possible to describe something or someone that would otherwise be described in one or two words. The student who writes in this way tends to be doing the opposite of the Word Limit. Thus, it follows that the student must be doing something wrong if he or she wishes to get into the college of his or her choice.There is a very good reason for the Word Limit, which is to ensure that the average student is not being deprived of the chance to attend colle ge. College, regardless of whether it is in a four-year university or community college, is a very expensive process and it should be treated as such. Furthermore, it is essential that all students have an equal opportunity to go to college because society has decided that children are entitled to a decent education. Hence, it follows that everyone has the right to learn and that everyone who goes to college goes there with equal opportunity.What is the minimum for a college essay is the minimum acceptable word limit. The fact is that if the student wants to get into his or her chosen college, he or she has to spend some time preparing for it. It follows therefore that the student has to devote as much time as possible to writing and publishing a well-crafted and well-prepared essay.The Word Limit isa standard at many schools that protects the standards and professionalism of the education system. It follows therefore that the student must comply with it in order to have an equal op portunity to go to college. Without it, the student would never have the chance to attend his or her dream college. The Word Limit is not some sort of arbitrary rule set by certain people, but is a standard that has been set by the American Bar Association and many other professional organizations for the simple reason that it is an important part of the educational process.In order to understand why the Word Limit exists, it is essential to understand the importance of the Word Limit. It is set so that no student can be deprived of the opportunity to attend college. It is also set so that no student can be prevented from attending college due to excessive use of adjectives and adverbs. This is so that all students, regardless of ability, are entitled to a high quality education and all students must go to college because it is a legitimate part of the educational process.Therefore, if the student wants to have the opportunity to attend college, the Word Limit must be respected. Thi s means that the student should spend as much time as possible on writing and editing of his or her essay.If the student is unable to conform to the Word Limit, then the student should go to his or her counselor and explain the situation. He or she may also decide to move on to a different school to finish his or her college degree. Whatever the decision, the student must remain dedicated to the task at hand and give the utmost importance to the task.

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Sample Essay on Medication Retardation - Learn the Ins and Outs

<h1>Sample Essay on Medication Retardation - Learn the Ins and Outs</h1><p>If you're doing research for your composing task taking drugs, it very well may be difficult to think of a fascinating and one of a kind subject. I realize I did. Fortunately, I found an incredible asset that permitted me to discover subject thoughts that were both intriguing and unique.</p><p></p><p>It was through this asset that I ran over an example paper theme taking drugs bounce back impact. This article offers thoughts that will assist you with expounding on these subjects in the future.</p><p></p><p>The the truth is that meds can make your body produce negative impacts. The bounce back impact happens when an individual comes back to taking a similar drug. I accept this is a direct result of the yearnings and withdrawal side effects. At the point when you have utilized the drug previously, your body won't have any desire to abandon it.< /p><p></p><p>Not everybody has a similar sentiment about this, yet I do. I am agreeable to all the more testing, research, and companion survey. At times, the investigations that are done are sufficiently bad, and you should possibly suggest the medicine on the off chance that you know for sure.</p><p></p><p>Do you see how the bounce back impact functions? In the event that you do, you know about the idea of negative impacts of medications. It's not amazing that medications influence your body, it's additionally to be expected that it influences others. At the point when somebody doesn't have the decision to remain off of a specific medication, they may endure the negative impacts of it.</p><p></p><p>The reason that this medication bounce back impact exists is on the grounds that the prescription was not endorsed by a specialist. Despite the fact that the medications are exceptionally incredible, they can be mishan dled. The bounce back impact can happen, however it for the most part has to do with that individual having less of the medication. Your bounce back impact can begin immediately, however in the event that you start to experience the ill effects of symptoms, for example, lack of hydration, or even passing, there's no way around it.</p><p></p><p>So to respond to the inquiry, how would you tackle drug bounce back impact? You should just recommend the prescription after you have considered the medicine altogether and discovered that there are no symptoms. When you realize that, I trust you won't take more than your primary care physician instructs you to. The bounce back impact is hazardous, and not every person should take any sort of medication.</p>

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Writing Essays - What Students Should Know

Writing Essays - What Students Should KnowWriting essays can be difficult, but it is something that students often overlook when it comes to completing a degree program. This is because of the fact that they think they are learning in other ways. They need to think of essays as teaching tools. However, writing essays is something that can help a student learn more about the materials they are dealing with.Writing assignments should not only be given to students. Each student should take the responsibility of trying to complete their own essay. They can do this by either checking out some online resources or looking at old work samples and reading through them. Many books written by experts such as themselves are available for a student to check out. These books are geared towards helping students learn how to write better essays.There are some things a student needs to know before writing their own essay. First, an essay should be taken seriously. Many students have many misconceptio ns about what it means to write an essay.In reality, an essay is the first step in learning how to write an essay. It is important that students learn how to properly format their thoughts and sentences so that they are understandable. Then, they should put their thoughts into words that can be edited to make them more accurate. Finally, the essay should provide as much information as possible so that a reader can understand it.Many students do not realize that the essays they are writing will be used for classwork. Students who take the time to write essays can use the information they write in class. This is great because they will learn valuable information about the material they are dealing with. Students will also be able to take notes about the different ideas presented in the essay. This is helpful because when the teacher needs to find notes, the student will have them.Writing essays for the future can also give students an idea of what they want to study for a career. This can be a huge benefit if they decide to pursue a particular career field. For instance, an English major can use the essays she wrote during high school to help her decide on what to study in college.The internet is filled with websites that offer a variety of topics, and many of them are interesting topics. For students who are interested in the topics, they can usually find interesting sites for their essays. It is not hard to find one that interests the student.

General Essay Topics For Students

<h1>General Essay Topics For Students</h1><p>It is a reality that there are relatively few general paper themes for understudies. The subject must be composed as an end to the scholarly work they have finished. What is implied by this announcement is that understudies are required to compose a finishing up section so as to have their work validated.</p><p></p><p>Writing an end passage isn't a simple undertaking yet should be possible on the off chance that one picks the correct subjects. Composing an end section won't just approve the whole arrangement yet in addition makes it believable and decent too. Understudies ought to have an efficient exposition before they leave on composing an end paragraph.</p><p></p><p>General paper points for understudies will fill in as a prologue to the subject and will likewise assist with building up believability for the understudy's work. A layout of the paper point can be found in t he framework of the work the understudy has just finished. Note that understudies ought not expect that their decision passage is going to make up a huge piece of the essay.</p><p></p><p>General exposition subjects for understudies are generally utilized in investigating crafted by different understudies or associates. Such points are intended to uncover the shortcomings of crafted by different understudies and uncover the qualities of the understudy's own work. Such an investigation will urge the understudy to make a superior showing in the future.</p><p></p><p>There are a few general paper points for understudies. Understudies must recollect that while composing an end passage, there are sure guidelines they have to follow. Such principles are intended to keep the work authentic and in this manner believable.</p><p></p><p>A basic sentence structure is regularly utilized for composing the finish of a paper. Und erstudies must utilize the normal sentence structure when composing an end. For instance, it isn't essential for the determination to end with a full stop or semicolon. An open-finished determination is satisfactory however a shut consummation is not.</p><p></p><p>Generally, composing a decision section is a hard errand. At the point when an understudy attempts to complete the piece without learning appropriate structure, there is an inclination for the author to lose the viewpoint of the arrangement. There are special cases when the end passage is composed without the assistance of a diagram; be that as it may, this is an uncommon case.</p><p></p><p>General exposition themes for understudies incorporate those where the understudy is allowed a chance to examine or censure crafted by another. The motivation behind this article is to give a few hints and pointers to help understudies recorded as a hard copy an end section. Understudies w ho need to compose an end passage should peruse a decent blueprint first and afterward practice the arrangement of an end section until they can compose it by themselves.</p>

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Seminary Research Paper Topics - Is Religion An Important Part Of Your College Seminar

Theological school Research Paper Topics - Is Religion An Important Part Of Your College Seminar?There are numerous school theological school inquire about paper themes. One of the best and suffering is the perception of the strict occasions that have impacted a culture or a general public in a significant manner. It is exceptionally simple to locate a fascinating strict occasion or a reference in the strict world during those occasions, yet this subject is normally canvassed distinctly in class discussions.The enormous number of theological college examine paper themes makes it feasible for understudies to look out a wide range of studies on a point. It is likewise conceivable to do look into by contemplating the historical backdrop of the equivalent. When the understudies start to consider the chronicled records, they can undoubtedly discover what they are searching for in one of the examination themes. Albeit some strict subjects may appear to be very tedious and repetitive from t he outset, it is significant for an understudy to follow the tips given in the accompanying steps.First, understudies should look for theological school inquire about paper points that will assist them with connecting with their inclinations. Most of theological college understudies need to find out about themselves. For this reason, they can begin by taking a gander at past religions and their effect on the current society. It will give them a thought of how they see the world.Second, understudies should peruse all the verifiable reports and visit historical centers for more data. Perusing the old religions isn't equivalent to perusing the report about them today. It isn't just about the data that you learn in school.Third, understudies ought to likewise consider the highlights that they need to stress in their theological college examine paper points. The Church has changed consistently and it tends to be hard to change what has been built up before. A great deal of issues will be examined in the semester about our strict convictions, yet it isn't the equivalent with transforming them from a time.Students can likewise scan for theological school explore paper points that they accept are additionally rousing. While understudies have a few individual convictions, it tends to be exceptionally hard to investigate them in an entire class conversation. Understudies ought to likewise consider what they need to communicate. This is an angle that will assist them with changing the concentration and study the points discussed.Fourth, understudies should check the web for extra data. There are many intriguing strict conventions that merit exploring. Since the subject is so open, an understudy can pick the point that is generally appropriate for them. It isn't too hard to even consider researching what strict exercises have been actualized previously and which ones are as yet relevant today.There are numerous thoughts for theological school look into paper points. On th e off chance that understudies need to enable their educator to pick the best ones, they ought to invest a decent measure of energy scanning for assets and materials.

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Essay Writing Tips For a Round House

Essay Writing Tips For a Round HouseThe round house is a topic that always makes a perfect setting for an essay writing. This is so because of the many benefits it can bring to your writing and also because of the scope of the topic.A round house is one where you can have a couple of rooms. In a round house, you have a homely and inviting feel, yet you have one of the best points of being close to your school, making it the perfect place for an essay writing.There are many topics that can be used for an essay on the round house. Some people prefer to write about the daily life in a round house or the different issues that arise when staying in the house. They may write about some special meals that they like to have when staying in the house, or about their love life.The round house also has one of the best features that it offers its residents. The round house is one of the least expensive places in the world to live, as compared to other homes in the same area.Another great topic t hat can be used for an essay on the round house is the role that it plays in giving structure to a growing family. This allows a person to write about their childhood experiences and about the events that have shaped them as they grow up.Another great idea that can be used for an essay on the round house is the tradition of having a dinner on the table. This is a great opportunity for a writer to share about their memories about having that special dinner.The round house is also good for writers who like to read about what is happening in the world around them. It allows them to read about the development of the world, as well as the current events that people are reading about.These are just some of the many topics that can be used for an essay on the round house. If you are interested in writing an essay on this place, all you need to do is check with the internet for the best article on the round house.

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Learn How to Write a 5000 Word Essay Topic in Less Than 1 Hour

<h1>Learn How to Write a 5000 Word Essay Topic in under 1 Hour</h1><p>One of the best things about an article composing workshop is that they offer 5000 word paper subjects. These are elevated level ideas that numerous understudies battle with when composing their article. By and large, this is an issue with low self-assurance that can dramatically affect how your article turns out.</p><p></p><p>The issue with this is proficient journalists don't will in general write in a bit by bit design and that can make it difficult for you to get past your paper on the off chance that you aren't certain of how to go about it. That is the reason you should discover how to compose a 5000 word article subject ahead of time. In the event that you discover how to compose a 5000 word paper subject, you'll never be in a comparable situation again. At the point when I did, I had a colossal effect in my composing capacity and my certainty as a writer.</p>& lt;p></p><p>This is simpler than you might suspect, on the grounds that the correct inquiries should be posed. You have to comprehend what the substance of your paper will resemble, what style you'll utilize, and what sort of final products you need from it. There are a wide range of composing classes that assist you with learning these abilities, yet a large portion of them aren't demonstrating how to compose a 5000 word article topic.</p><p></p><p>The understudies that go to these classes are regularly understudies who feel just as they're not getting their due in the study hall. They're stressed that the teacher isn't giving them sufficient opportunity to learn and ace the points that they're being instructed. All things considered, you shouldn't stress. These are the absolute best instructors around, and they have an answer for your situation.</p><p></p><p>They will show you the specific procedures to compose an exam ple article points, and you should simply apply what they educate you. Since this will spare you a great deal of time, you will have more opportunity to complete your article and you'll be sure about what you're doing. On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea how to compose a 5000 word article subject, this is the most ideal approach to figure out how to do it. Most educators will spend in any event half of the time clarifying the substance of the exposition. At that point, they'll give you the procedures to use.</p><p></p><p>This is the ideal answer for those understudies who need to figure out how to improve their composing aptitudes and get their expositions out of their framework. It's straightforward, and you'll have the option to get results quicker than different strategies. Try not to squander any more time!</p>

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An Exercise on Writing Essay

<h1>An Exercise on Writing Essay</h1><p>It is unquestionably not a simple undertaking to compose an activity on composing article. Despite the fact that there are a few highlights that the article requires, still all in all it is expected to give the perusers a decent understanding encounter. There are a few stages engaged with this kind of paper. To compose the exposition, you have to follow these steps.</p><p></p><p>The first thing you have to do is to characterize your point and right off the bat to characterize your key thoughts. In this procedure, the significance of your paper will without a doubt increment. With this, you will increase a thought regarding what it is that you need to expound on. This is the initial phase recorded as a hard copy an exposition. After you have characterized the point, you can begin composing the essay.</p><p></p><p>If you intend to compose an exposition for school, you have to begin with a title. It is fundamental that you put the title of your paper at the outset. This is to enable the peruser to realize where to go to so as to discover what the article is about.</p><p></p><p>The second clear thought that you ought to know about is the structure of the exposition. It is basic that you have a structure of the article. It is on the grounds that this structure permits you to tell the perusers the subject of the paper and furthermore the end. The structure of the paper ought to be about a thought that has been referenced in the presentation of the article. Likewise, the arrangement must take into account the fulfillment of the essay.</p><p></p><p>For the subject, you have to place in a fascinating presentation. The possibility that you have to begin with in the presentation can emerge out of the initial sentences, a couple of lines toward the start, a couple of lines toward the end, and the end. These are only hardl y any tips that you can use to assist you with accomplishing the necessary structure of the paper. In addition, you have to follow the structure of the exposition when you really begin composing the essay.</p><p></p><p>If you need to see the adequacy of your article, it is suggested that you generally training your composition at home first before you send it out. This is on the grounds that the quality composing depends on dexterous information on the language. It is unquestionably not a simple assignment to compose the exposition, anyway you will positively cause it as you to improve and show signs of improvement understanding about the entire process.</p><p></p><p>Reading and thinking also are a fundamental piece of paper. These are the two viewpoints that you have to consider while composing the paper. Ensure that you work on perusing and thinking too.</p>

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The Hidden Truth About Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field

<h1> The Hidden Truth About Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field </h1> <h2> What Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field Is - and What it Is Not</h2> <p>Contemplating a client base instead of the individual patient in an occasion of referrals is incredibly basic in creating client dedication and staying with up an incentive in the. Such a circumstance in the commercial center is envisioned, for every business needs to acquire cash. Our organization model is reliant on your dedication and trust in us, which clarifies why we will never allow you to down! Consequently, it's exceptionally certain that keeping up customers and creating client devotion carries considerable incentive to a firm. </p> <h2>Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field Secrets That No One Else Knows About </h2> <p>To set it forth plainly, a scholastic paper might be a proof of the profundity of your exploration methods and the remainder of the exercises you've executed so you can bolster the substance of your composed yield. By doing this you won't just find the most appropriate organizing and designing model yet furthermore you will obtain a thought regarding what language style and word decision you ought to keep up in order to form an extraordinary field report. There are different things that bring about medicine mistakes. The noteworthiness of brief revealing of medicine mistakes can bring about a significant decline in unfavorable results. </p> <h2> Ruthless Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field Strategies Exploited </h2> <p>Just in light of the fact that you've just composed a school exposition for a solitary college doesn't imply that it might likewise apply on your next applications. Your history assignments will go to an author with significant foundation and training to be sure the most extreme quality conceivable. Furthermore, the school and college understudies of part icular locales of earth can take Online Essay Writing Serviceseasily with no restriction of time. Forthcoming understudies may likewise be mentioned to create a school paper for a bit of their first necessities. </p> <p>After you approach the perfect free article test, you are probably going to be dumbfounded at how straightforward the creative cycle becomes. The correct strategy to start a survey is to limit back on a brilliant subject. The procedure for buying a customized paper is so brisk. Composing Peak has on record a choice of custom exposition test alternatives to meet your requirements. </p> <h2> All About Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field </h2> <p>With the higher web utilization, the human services experts are setting up what can be known as virtual clinics. The emergency clinic confides in the execution of wellbeing administrations all through the activity of wellbeing work force. Simultaneously, a medicinal services may s et up crisis reaction unit and customer care unit. Client care is significant to us that is the explanation we are constantly here to help you at whatever point you require it. </p> <h2>The Honest to Goodness Truth on Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field </h2> <p>Your scholastic exposition ought to inspire a feeling that is expected to start various thoughts, conclusions and different sorts of reactions. You may get theenvironmental contamination paper samplefrom the specific site beside different themes referenced here. In spite of the fact that a totally free instance of an exposition can work as an amazingly direct, the reality remains that your educators for the most part allocate work that anticipates that you should join course material or late paper articles. Our medicinal services explore papers are composed by our certified and prepared journalists that are specialists in their different fields. </p> <p>The use of article model s is a decent method to start the subjective elements of the innovative bits of the mind. While using a format for a guide, consistently ensure it's pertinent to the examination that you're rehearsing or the scholarly region or control at which you will utilize your scholastic article. Tissue undeveloped cells additionally alluded to as grown-up immature microorganisms are regenerative cells of the body that have the ability to practice and form into different tissues of the human body. As an outcome, many think that its difficult to secure perfect material science study materials for their paper or article. </p> <p>When it has to do with finishing an expertly composed article, there are a lot of one of a kind components to the procedure that you should consider. In spite of the fact that it looks like a straightforward activity, it in fact needs a critical psyche and accomplishing more research. As an outcome, you get a great arrangement of available time and finished s choolwork. In the event that you have a task cutoff time coming up and you're stressed that you won't be in a situation to complete your undertaking, don't stop for a second to arrange a paper. </p> <p>Imagine the standard of composing you'll get from a minimal effort article composing administration. Having great article models gives the peruser an inside and out and on-the-court thought regarding what a very much organized and intelligible paper seems like. In the introduction, the writer mentions to the peruser what to envision from the rest of the exposition. Truly, there's an individual who can help you with your expositions master paper authors at MyPerfectWords.</p> <p>If you're concentrating in the medicinal services field, you may need to create numerous articles. Since scholastic papers are mainstream in the subject of instruction and research, you need to ensure your composing is both intelligent, intriguing and enlightening. A scholastic exposition constantly should be important. Continuously remember your scholastic article should be lively it must not exhaust your crowd. </p> <h2> The Most Popular Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field</h2> <p>Academic papers have a basic influence in your scholarly achievement. The course materials that you need to talk about inside a scholarly paper can mirror your level of comprehension about the issue. No chance of objection about the assignments whether it's an exposition or research project will be given by me to the educators at any sticker price. Building up a tremendous school exposition may lose its motivation in the occasion the substance of what you've co mposed isn't what the college is requesting. </p> <h2> What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Free Essay Samples on Academic in Medical Field</h2> <p>You may simply envision the model I referenced in the beginning, medical procedure without sedation is really hard for the two specialists and patients. Attendants have an enormous obligation in the drug organization system. Attendants must have a competency level that satisfies the requests of the medicine organization approach. They assume a key job in the avoidance of medicine blunders that happen at various strides of the prescription organization process. </p>

Pointers To Lay The Foundation Of Composition And English Language And Composition Writing

<h1>Pointers To Lay The Foundation Of Composition And English Language And Composition Writing</h1><p>For any English language and arrangement composing the strategy of sentence structure and accentuation can be effectively executed. There are various unpretentious viewpoints to syntactic clearness that an author ought to consistently keep in mind.</p><p></p><p>In English language and structure composing the part of good sentence structure is critical as it is the establishment of accentuation and jargon. This is on the grounds that great syntax isn't just the establishment yet in addition the very reason for understanding perception. All things considered, when an essayist utilizes the normal blunders in language structure that they have, their thoughts will have all the earmarks of being unreasonable and hence, they will be dismissed by the peruser. A right and clear sentence is likewise an establishment for any perusing comprehension.</ p><p></p><p>Another perspective to remember is the right word request. Right word request is the thing that decides if an English sentence has a reasonable significance or not. No other composed language utilizes legitimate word request. One reason why English is so broadly utilized as a first language on the planet is the way that it utilizes the best possible word request in all its writing.</p><p></p><p>Lastly, one ought to likewise focus on the right spelling of words. English has no other language yet English that have a fixed standard of spelling and accentuation. In this way, if an essayist misinterprets of spelling the words and thus the sentences and sections, they should invest a great deal of energy remedying the errors and checking whether the sentence is intelligible.</p><p></p><p>The stunt is to begin from a new syntax and accentuation establishment and afterward step by step apply these fundamental s tandards of the English language. Thus, an author should consistently have a sentence structure and accentuation direct helpful when they are composing, just on the off chance that they go over any errors that they have to address anytime of time.</p><p></p><p>Thus, for any individual who needs to compose the English language and organization, these are probably the most principal tips for improving your composition. These straightforward insights will help a ton in improving the lucidity of the sentences and sections. In the event that you need to improve the equivalent, I would recommend that you get yourself a guide that will help you on this undertaking. Along these lines, you can compose all the more unquestionably and increment your degree of productivity.</p><p></p><p>For any individual who needs to improve his English language and creation, these are a couple of thoughts that can be accustomed to draw out your actual potential. Apply them and you will see that your composing is getting more clear and you can arrive at higher heights.</p>

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Writing Topics to Include in a Self Reflection Essay

<h1>Writing Topics to Include in a Self Reflection Essay</h1><p>If you are composing a self-reflection paper, you have to consider what themes to remember for your appearance. When you choose what subjects you will cover, you can fill the remainder of the article with extra data to help your reasoning.</p><p></p><p>How would you be able to limit your choice of themes for your self-reflection? The most straightforward path is to remember what kind of individuals are probably going to understand it. The kind of crowd for your expositions will direct how much detail you are permitted to incorporate. For instance, on the off chance that you expound on yourself, you have to tell perusers everything there is to think about yourself.</p><p></p><p>Another interesting point is the kind of topic that you are expounding on. You may need to do some schoolwork to realize which subjects are simpler for you to expound on and which su bjects you may need to expound on more detail. For instance, in the event that you are expounding on yourself, you most likely don't have to stress over contemplating brain research or anthropology.</p><p></p><p>However, in the event that you are expounding on another person, you may need to have a more inside and out mental cosmetics in the first place. Along these lines, your article could incorporate various instances of mental cosmetics in the event that you need to incorporate this kind of information.</p><p></p><p>When you are making a self-reflection paper, you need to take these elements into thought. How much data you give on every point will decide how much data you can incorporate. In the event that you incorporate too little data, you are overlooking what's really important of your paper. On the off chance that you incorporate a lot of data, you will submit a genuine blunder.</p><p></p><p>So, conside r each subject that you are expounding on and see whether it is a theme that a particular individual would be keen on. Youmay locate that a typical enthusiasm among yourself and your crowd is going to make your subject simpler to expound on. Then again, on the off chance that you realize that a crowd of people part will be perusing your paper about their self-improvement, you might need to forget about this point altogether.</p><p></p><p>The last section of your exposition ought to incorporate an end. This should fill in as an end to what you have been expounding on. It should show your crowd that you did everything you could to respond to any inquiries they may have had or their comments.</p><p></p><p>You need to incorporate points that will intrigue and interest your crowd. So as to guarantee that your crowd stays keen on your exposition, you should guarantee that they feel just as they get your focuses. You need them to be fulfilled that you secured each subject that you can with the entirety of the subtleties that you required to.</p>

College Essay Writing Help - Tools to Get Started

<h1>College Essay Writing Help - Tools to Get Started</h1><p>For numerous understudies, the demonstration of composing a school exposition is scary, disappointing and tedious. Despite the fact that the composed word might be a piece of learning, you don't generally be able to communicate perfectly.</p><p></p><p>Writing a school paper is overwhelming however with the correct instruments and tips, it very well may be made simpler for you. While no author should feel that the hardest undertaking recorded as a hard copy a school paper is to choose the subject, making sense of how to compose an amazing article about a significant theme can be intimidating.</p><p></p><p>When you are reading for your exposition, a great tip to remember is to adhere to each point in turn. Doing this permits you to concentrate on your principle themes with the goal that you won't be overpowered by the subject. The primary concern you have to do so as to compose a solid school exposition is to recall that you should focus on one fundamental point, and a solitary thought for each paragraph.</p><p></p><p>If you comprehend what it is you need to state in your article, ensure you make and structure it appropriately. In any case, in case you're making some hard memories composing an article about a particular theme, you might need to consider utilizing some school exposition composing help to assist you with making sense of a decent topic.</p><p></p><p>You can discover a great deal of online assets that are dedicated to giving paper composing help and to offer tips and procedures to assist you with composing a superior paper. On the off chance that you don't have the opportunity to spend looking into expositions or in the event that you would prefer not to invest your energy and cash purchasing and recruiting administrations, you can generally utilize these assets to assist you wi th making your own essay.</p><p></p><p>By doing research about the subject you need to expound on, you can gain proficiency with a great deal about composing an article. In the event that you need to become familiar with theme choice, how to decide if a specific thought merits expounding on, and how to plan for the paper to guarantee it'correct, have a go at looking at an online asset that offers customized article composing help.</p><p></p><p>These online assets offer tips and counsel to assist you with choosing which exposition point to expound on, tips to make the article progressively proficient, tips on the most proficient method to compose the article successfully, and rules for causing the exposition to show up increasingly cleaned. These locales for the most part have an enormous assortment of subjects to browse, so you can settle on your decision dependent on the theme you truly need to compose about.</p><p></p& gt;<p>Whether you're doing exploration to see which points to best suit your style or you're intending to compose your own school exposition, it's never past the point where it is possible to begin searching for an online asset to assist you with your concern. With a little exertion, you'll see that composing an extraordinary exposition is something that should be possible for you all alone, with the correct apparatuses and the privilege attitude.</p>

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College Admissions Essay Sample - Writing an Essay for International Students

College Admissions Essay Sample - Writing an Essay for International StudentsAn international student college admissions essay is an important component in college admissions. That's because a student needs to show both her academic qualifications and her personal attributes, while also making a statement about her interest in studying abroad.A student who is considering going to college should take the time to write a well-written admissions essay. This will go a long way toward helping you get into your top-choice college. Of course, one thing you should never do is try to use this opportunity to put your feet up or to have some fun.For one thing, you need to take the time to carefully consider what makes a college admissions essay unique. Consider your personal statement (PS) for example. Many schools ask their potential students to write an essay that tells them about themselves in one to three paragraphs. Because it's a time-consuming process, many students find that they simply don't have enough time to write this type of essay.When you are writing an admissions essay for international students, remember that the standard style used by most colleges is actually quite standard and doesn't really give you much flexibility. Instead, think about how you can include your personal information in a different way. For example, instead of giving the school your name and where you went to school, you might want to just give them your first and last name, if applicable.You also need to think about what sort of information you would like to share with an international student college admissions essay. You may be excited about the idea of studying abroad, but this may be an area that you haven't thought much about before. Try to think about what types of things might be of interest to an international student, and then mention them.In addition, you may want to include a line in your admissions essay about why you want to study abroad. If you have taken classes at your current college that interested you, or if you see yourself as a future leader, then you may want to bring these qualities up in your essay. Some students do wonder whether or not they should mention their previous college experience when they are applying to an international student college. After all, you need to show your passion for the subject, but you don't want to overdo it.One thing you should always remember when writing an international student college admissions essay is to keep it realistic. Don't worry too much about your interests being unique because you will be graduating from any number of schools once you get your degree. Still, you do want to avoid bringing up the subject of your previous college experience, especially if it involves extracurricular activities that you participated in outside of your program. Instead, talk about the school, your academics, and your personal life as a whole.As you can see, there are a number of different things you should consider when writing an international student college admissions essay. Keep in mind that your essay is your chance to share what makes you special, and make an important point about why you should be considered for a college program.

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Whispered 8th Grade Research Paper Topics Secrets

<h1> Whispered eighth Grade Research Paper Topics Secrets </h1> <p>Kissing in open should be restricted Men should be sent to an alternate planet. One truly horrendous theme you're ready to expound on is the demise of somebody. You even end up exploring some of them in your available time for entertainment only. Indicating mindfulness about late changes in this issue you're composing on is extremely essential to win a fantastic evaluation. </p> <p>You would be approached to introduce contentions for your exploration in an extremely clear and succinct manner. You will be approached to detail contentions for the subject of your examination as well. Moreover, at whatever point you need to make an examination paper you never comprehend what theme to choose. Endeavoring to make an exploration paper on a point that doesn't have a great deal of research on it's fantastically hard, so before you pick a theme, do a tad of starter looking and be certain you're hav e all the data you should make your paper. </p> <p>So no big surprise that every one of these people become adhered when they're mentioned to make an examination paper with a dubious theme. The greater part of the people tend to flee from legislative issues and hence the governmental issues expositions as well, consequently it is very critical to get the enthusiasm of the perusers till the finish of the paper and that would be a lot of troublesome I know. You should underline the wellspring of the common partiality in youngsters and ladies especially. </p> <p>For those understudies it's a decent way to think of their inquiring about and composing abilities. It's conceivable to discover all the more with respect to understudies' research papers here. Luckily, understudies may discover a great deal of test subjects on the web and in their school library. They will look into and compose a powerful paper about the impacts of plastic in consistently use. </p> <p>However much you center you endeavor to complete quick it's despite everything genuine that you need to squander an entire evening for your assignments. At the eighth grade level, your child is approaching the finish of the act of transforming from a child into a youthful grown-up, accordingly an adaptable arrangement is important. An incredible model might be the Great Plains, which would give understudies a phenomenal chance to become familiar with the Dust Bowl. At the point when you're in eighth grade, you feel that every task is troublesome. </p> <p>Make sure your paper follows a nonstop field of rationale. You might want your paper to reflect you, so be certain you be entirely unique in your material. On the off chance that you need to compose just a solitary paper at the finish of the period, you can inhale out as you are honored. Research paper writing in secondary school should be done as per an arrangement and all around organized way. </p> <p>You're currently arranged to embrace your writing survey. An eighth grader ought to figure out how to research, the person should work on composing theory explanations, the layout system must be aced, the individual in question ought to see how to make an unfinished copy, and in content references should get aced. Your instructor will be dazzled by methods for a mind boggling and elegantly composed paper. </p> <h2> The New Fuss About eighth Grade Research Paper Topics</h2> <p>Research is excellent for kids. Understudies will find out about basic intrigue and the best approach to figure the real cost of a budgetary advance, charge card, and different sorts of acquiring. The understudy may give the particulars of the points to the firm. The understudies will discover increasingly about the absolute first standards of the USA, the Articles of Confederation. </p> <p>Globalization is a well known point that much of the time brings individuals o f contradicting sees into warmed contentions and maybe even physical showdowns. In case you're keen on your theme, finding out about it will be progressively pleasurable and you'll compose with expanded energy, so select your point astutely. Attempting to settle on a theme please make a special effort to be delicate and think about your crowd. </p> <p>Remember you should go over spots to investigate that are real and solid. Research papers must be introduced well to make the right impacts. Research work is required for inquire about paper subjects, and understudies experience issues finding trustworthy and precise research material. It is vital for inquire about paper subjects, and understudies make some troublesome memories finding dependable and proper research material. </p> <p>Research paper assessors love thoughts which give something new or go over a novel and propelled thought. In the occasion the subject isn't difficult to look into, at that point the child can focus on the real composing abilities. eighth graders are just figuring out how to find subjects in writing. Understudies will research and discussion numerous points in the subject of ecological prosperity. </p>

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How to Choose General College Essay Samples

<h1>How to Choose General College Essay Samples</h1><p>If you need assistance with your general school paper, there are many general school exposition tests accessible for you to utilize. Notwithstanding, you ought to be certain that you pick tests that you find valuable, and furthermore that they are elegantly composed and don't cause you any undue pressure when you are composing. A portion of the accompanying examples are more summed up than others, so ensure you comprehend what you are looking for.</p><p></p><p>The first choice is a general school article. This may incorporate scholarly articles, or basic business questions. These ought to be written in a proper way, as in a paper you would get in a task. Numerous understudies will get these examples as a major aspect of their school application.</p><p></p><p>Another sort of general school article is utilized for secondary school. These can be articles identified wi th a particular year, for example, for the year 1982. You may likewise compose an exposition on the themes that you would be asked to in an evaluation school study. You should in any case ensure that you utilize a significant level of scholastic language when composing this sample.</p><p></p><p>A progressively nitty gritty general school article incorporates contentions about a particular occasion. The choices are some that represent a point, just as others that are most certainly not. They should plot the occasions, for example, the presentation of another mentor, or general patterns in the wearing industry.</p><p></p><p>An extra sort of general school paper is a history. It very well may be identified with a specific occasion ever, for example, when Abraham Lincoln was chosen, or how things have changed on the planet. Your target ought to likewise incorporate a verifiable setting for the realities that you are compiling.</p>< ;p></p><p>General scholastic history incorporates numerous subjects, for example, the country's inclusion in World War II, and the virus war. Also, it can incorporate points identified with current political occasions, for example, after the Brexit vote. Your theme should cover a wide range of branches of knowledge, without being excessively long, or too narrow.</p><p></p><p>General school paper tests likewise incorporate feeling pieces. They ought to incorporate the author's conclusion about a specific subject, for instance a political figure, or book. This can remember something as straightforward as the commentator's musings for a book, or a character. They can incorporate a short history of a given idea, or a judgment of a given situation.</p><p></p><p>College article tests are not all precisely the equivalent. Each article needs to recount to a story, and speak to the author's one of a kind perspective. Ensure that you pick tests that best speak to you, and not simply tests that are nonexclusive to the subject of school. With this data, you ought to have the option to effectively choose the correct examples for your school essay.</p>

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How to Choose Information Essay Topics for Sixth Graders

How to Choose Information Essay Topics for Sixth GradersInformational essays for sixth graders are usually constructed around themes that are geared towards topics about the kid's world. In this case, there are many different ways to approach the theme, but you want to make sure that your piece is not just a simple repeat of what's already been done in previous topics. As a result, many people look for ways to create their own informational essay topics that they can adapt and use to write that one great essay that stands out above the rest. You can discover that there are several unique types of topics that you can choose from to help you create a great informational essay topic.One way to have fun with sixth grade informational essay topics is to go with a theme about the student's family. This is an easy topic to get right because it is something that everyone in the sixth grade community knows about. While some topics for sixth graders may cover the subject of where the kid was b orn, other topics can be about the family member who brought the child into the world. If you want to get a variety of responses, then you should find a topic that people really do talk about that relates to the child's family. This can be a very interesting topic to have in a composition book or on your own computer and on the Internet.Another way to choose a theme for your essays is to look at the types of topics that students will be reading about in seventh grade. Themes are often formed around the main issues that students will be reading about and discussing during this time. A typical sixth grader will be reading about issues related to computers, science, or technology. By having an informational essay topic on a topic like this, you will be able to add a very interesting look to your composition or online essay that has an interesting and captivating theme.Technology themes are also very common in seventh grade informational essay topics. Again, this can be a very broad top ic that includes many different things that have to do with technology. For example, someone might be writing about a topic such as a new device, or it could be a topic that relates to e-mail etiquette. Regardless of the topic, you want to be sure that the theme is something that relates to the topic and does not repeat what is already being written about.One of the best ways to include technological themes in your seventh grade informational essay topics is to have a general theme that relates to the topic and then add in certain aspects that relate to technology. For example, if you were writing about a new type of media device that someone would be using, then you could talk about that device's ability to give access to information and how that person will use the device. This can be a very interesting subject and can be used as a basis for a seven grade informational essay topic.You can also include your own topic in an essay. For example, someone might be writing about how her niece lost her ability to speak because of an accident and she is concerned that her niece is becoming isolated from the rest of the family. She could then include a piece of advice on how to talk to children about keeping their dreams alive or ideas that the aunt might have about teaching children about talking to others to help with the problem.If you're looking for something unique and different for your seventh grade informational essay topics, then look to the medical profession. For example, someone might be writing about how a new medication for some kind of medical condition has become available and it has made life a lot easier for people. The topic can be something that includes news reports on the drug or stories about how the doctor is coping with the medication's use.Sixth grade essay topics can be used in a variety of ways, but it's important to have a theme that you can work with. Make sure that your topic is something that the audience can relate to and that you're n ot just repeating what is already being written about. Remember that you should be creative when it comes to deciding the topic for your essay's, and you should be able to come up with new topics based on a theme that is already being written about.

Essay Topics of Daisy From the Great Gatsby

Essay Topics of Daisy From the Great GatsbyIt is definitely interesting to know more about your child's topic for his or her essay. If you are worried about writing this article for all the readers out there, I suggest that you become involved in your kid's essay writing process and let your kid decide the topic and content.The first thing that I will tell you is that every topic has a different approach to writing. You have to assess and find out your kid's attitude towards writing an essay. How can you learn the best way of assessing the approach of your child to write an essay?First thing that you need to think about is the critical thinking. Critical thinking is considered to be the most crucial approach towards reading and analyzing the essays.The second thing that you need to do when you want to assess your child's critical approach to writing an essay is reading the essays. Read through the whole essay and give your opinions about the topic. Once you finish with this, you have to determine what the kid likes and dislikes about the topic. This is very important if you want to know your kid's approach to writing an essay.Your child has a way of getting out of your walls. Don't worry about getting them out of your walls because once you get your kids away from your walls, they start to visit your walls. And these are the things that can help you learn about your kid's attitude towards writing an essay.Writing an essay can be done only when you give your kids the liberty of their own. There is no need to restrict them and make them sit and do the writing. Once you give them their freedom, they start to enjoy themselves and will produce more than what you expect.My last suggestion is that you have to assess all the essay topics for your kid. The more the essays that you know the better you can evaluate the ones that you want to consider for your kid. Make sure that the essays that you give to your kid are of quality and they can benefit from it.

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Oedipus a Tragic Hero Essay - 702 Words

Oedipus: A Tragic Hero Aristotle’s tragic hero is one of the most recognizable types of heroes among literature. A tragic hero combines five major points all of which have to do with the hero’s stature in society, his faults, how these faults effect him, the punishment his faults gets him, and how he reacts to this punishment. Aristotle explained that the story of Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, is a perfect example of a tragic hero. In the play, Oedipus is given a prophecy in which he is told that he will kill his father then marry his mother. As in many Greek plays, Oedipus tries to run from his prophecy and ends up fulfilling exactly what it is foretold. Through the play we see that Oedipus posses many of the characteristics†¦show more content†¦That is only the beginning of his downfall though as he earlier told the Chorus that anyone harboring the murderer would be cursed, even if it was himself, â€Å"†¦if by any chance/he proves to be an in timate of our house†¦may the curse I just called down strike me!† (284-287). This shows just how serious that Oedipus was about punishing this person and even though he doesn’t understand that it is himself, and takes awhile for him to realize, that he was responsible for what happened to him. The final discussed characteristic that Oedipus possesses is that his punishment was not wholly deserved. There are three main punishments that Oedipus has to go through because of his crime. Those punishments are his exile from Thebes, the suicide of Jocasta, and the loss of his sight. However, the punishment that pushes everything over the edge is when Oedipus strikes out his own eyes. When he appears to the Chorus he comes out and speaks of how horrid he feels for everything in saying, â€Å"The blackest things/a man can do, I have done them all!† (1541-1542). During this very scene the Chorus speaks, not to Oedipus directly, but to each other and the literally shri nk away from him. It is obvious that they don’t believe he deserves this through their words, â€Å"O the terror--/the suffering, for all the world to see/the worst terror that ever met my eyes,/what madness swept over you?† (1432-1435). The Chorus continues toShow MoreRelatedOedipus As A Tragic Hero1506 Words   |  7 PagesA true hero does not merely wear a cape, but this individual possesses admirable characteristics. A hero inspires the people around him and he is honorable. Heroes influential individuals from fairytale stories and myths of a real-life hero. Yet, none of these influential people are perfect. The tragic hero is clearly defined by Aristotle as being a person of admirable character, yet completely human with noticeable flaws. Moreover, this individual is not exempt from suffering. In Sophocles’ tragicRead MoreOedipus-a Tragic Hero706 Words   |  3 PagesRunning head: Oedipus-A Tragic Hero Research Paper ENGL 102: Literature and Composition) Fall 2015 Melinda Meeds L26683811 APA Outline Thesis: In Sophocles’ â€Å"Oedipus†, Oedipus is exemplified as a tragic hero according to Aristotle’s definition because his story appeals to the reader’s humanity in the way he maintains his strengths after inadvertently causing his own downfall. I. Oedipus A. The noble birth. B. Describe Oedipus’ character. II. Tragedy A. DescribeRead MoreIs Oedipus A Tragic Hero?1167 Words   |  5 Pages2014 Is Oedipus a tragic hero? Aristotle, Ancient Greek philosopher whom did a lot of philosophizing, he believed in a logical reality. Aristotle’s objective was to come up with a universal process of reasoning that would allow man to learn every imaginable thing about reality. The initial process involved describing objects based on their characteristics, states of being and actions. Aristotle once said A man doesn t become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall†. Oedipus was a mythicalRead MoreOedipus the Tragic Hero1390 Words   |  6 PagesOedipus; The Tragic Hero In the Fourth Century BC, a famous philosopher named Aristotle wrote about the qualities that a tragic hero must possess. Ever since that time, there have been many examples of tragic heroes in literature. None of those characters, however, display the tragic hero traits quite as well as Oedipus, the main character from the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Oedipus is, without a doubt, the absolute quintessence of a tragic hero. His example shines as clear as a sunny summerRead MoreOedipus As A Tragic Hero1724 Words   |  7 Pagesstory of Oedipus, Oedipus is considered a â€Å"Tragic Hero† because of the tragic fate and effect that he had upon his life. My definition of a tragedy is a great loss that has a unhappy ending to which concluded me to state that Oedipus falls under that category. Throughout the book, Oedipus is leading himself to his own destruction when trying to find the killer of the late King Laios. So when a journal article I found published by The John Hopk ins University Press stated that a â€Å"tragic hero is a manRead MoreOedipus, A Tragic Hero1648 Words   |  7 Pages Oedipus, a Tragic Hero Bob Livingston Liberty University â€Æ' Sophocles presented the world with Oedipus around 2500 years ago. Never-the-less, the story remains among the most riveting of all time. He was, in fact, a man that was driven by a very high internal moral standard. It was that internal moral standard that ultimately entwined him in a sequence of events and circumstances that placed him in the spousal relationship with his mother. Oedipus, in fact, can truly be regarded as a tragic heroRead MoreOedipus a Tragic Hero1516 Words   |  7 PagesOedipus A Tragic Hero English 102 Literature and Composition Summer B 2011 Terry Garofolo 22816762 APA Sophocles presented the world with Oedipus around 2500 years ago. Never-the-less, the story remains among the most riveting of all time. Unfortunately, today when we hear the mention of the name Oedipus we place negative connotations around it. Oedipus, after all, had an unnatural sexual relationship with his own mother! In actuality, however, this relationship emerged entirely innocentlyRead MoreOedipus As A Tragic Hero1094 Words   |  5 PagesIn the play Oedipus the King, Oedipus struggles to accept the truth and lets his temper over power him. He can be displayed as a tragic hero. His refusal to accept the truth led to Oedipus’ down fall. A tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle, â€Å"is a literary character who makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his/her own destruction.† Sophocles’ Oedipus exemplifies Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero. In the play, Oedipus unknowingly has cursed the entire town of Thebes. He was cursedRead MoreOedipus, a Tragic Hero?2158 Words   |  9 PagesOedipus, a Tragic Hero? Elizabeth Howell English 102- B33 Professor Katie Robinson Liberty University October 12, 2012 Oedipus, a Tragic Hero? Thesis: Using Aristotle’s five different descriptions of a tragic hero, we will show that Oedipus in Oedipus the King is in fact a tragic hero and how his decisions led to his downfall. Outline: I. Introduction and Thesis Statement II. Is the character of noble birth? A. King of Thebes B. Real father was king III. Though the tragic heroRead MoreOedipus, A Tragic Hero1832 Words   |  8 Pagesmany others will likely fade away. Oedipus Rex is a tragic tale set in Ancient Greece. Greek thinker, Aristotle, said there were certain elements that would make a person qualified as a â€Å"tragic hero.† (Adade-Ywboah, Ahenkora Amankwah, 2012). We think of heroes being larger than life, possessing impeccable honor, integrity, strong leadership and having the higher moral ground. However, tragic heroes are different; they are imperfect and will inevitably face a tragic downfall. Per Aristotle, there are

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Europe After The Rain Essay Example For Students

Europe After The Rain Essay The Painting was made by Max Ernst in 1940. Max Erns, was the inventor of the technique called frottage. I characterized this painting to be very expressive. The painting illustrate the consequences of a storm and the effects it has in our nature. It is a representation of Europe after a day of a storm. Ernst used a special Technique called Frottage, with this technique he was able to create a numerous variety of textural effects. Ernsts technique consists of putting a piece of paper over a texture surface like floorboards and wooden surfaces, and then rubbing a soft pencil across the paper. He would then arrange these textures in visions of surrealistic forests and beautiful landscape. The painting was made of oil on canvas. H 21 9/16in. W.58 3/16in. It posses an analogous color scheme, made up of blue, yellow, white, black and green. The painting is a study in athmosphetic perspective, the sky appears white and blue, and mountains appear black and yellow. The black and yellow color gives the mountains a hot dry look and the white and blue color shows how hot the atmosphere is. The appearance of both warm color yellow and cool color blue tend to evoke a Sense of contrast tension when they both appear to be together on the same painting. In conclusion the painting impact me for it visual texture. Its view of a real storm, each color on it, reflects the causes of a real storm and the way the artist develops it.

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Sociological Criticism Essay Essay Example

Sociological Criticism Essay Essay Name: Course: Institution: Date: We will write a custom essay sample on Sociological Criticism Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Sociological Criticism Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Sociological Criticism Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Sociological Criticism Essay The Library of Babel written by Jorge Luis Borges is a story in which the writer attempts to envision the universe as a library consisting of a large variety of books that have been published using a unique format (Ackerley 171). The writer expresses his perception as the earth containing a large area that is occupied by hexagonal spaces of which each consists of requirements that are bare for the survival of humanity. Although the organization of various books is unsystematic and pointless, the occupants assume they consist of all the achievable arrangement of a few fundamental elements. One of the sociological theories found in this book is Mystery. This has been expressed by the author where he causes the readers to visualize an atmosphere of the unknown that consists of things that cannot be perceived in the realistic sense (Ackerley 171). For example, the author’s idea of the entire universe turning into a library can only be viewed in the imaginary sense and hardly in actuality because the earth consists of a lot more than just books including natural features such as plants and water that cater for other living organisms like animals. The second theory is on functionality, in which the author expects his imaginary library to consist of data that will be of immense use to the readers. He describes its usefulness as having futuristic information, biographies of any individual, and the data translated in all languages of the earth. This shows that the author values the imaginary library because of more of its functionality rather than its appearance. The author views the books that are currently being used in the world as useless and therefore, wants the imaginary library to have the functionality of providing information that has more value and meaning to the inhabitants of the earth. The other sociological theory found is purification, in which the author believes the futility of books to have left the librarians in a depressed state and hence believe in performing superstitious actions including destroying those books (Daniel 270). This is done to cleanse the meaninglessness in the library and is achieved by the librarians seeking a supernatural source known as the Crimson Hexagon. Figurative interaction is another theory in which the author believes that within the whole range books found in the library, there has to be one faultless book that has been read by a messianic body (Daniel 271). The author uses this symbolic language to express how he believes that in the midst of all the books he found meaningless, there is a certain book with supernatural influence, in which the librarians honor and seek. The social patterns displayed in the characters of this story appear as learned. This is because the author talks about librarians who have great enthusiasm in being acquainted with a high level of information and hence the reason why they feel the urge to make the library in being more useful. For example, the librarians are illustrated as being in a state of despair after realizing that the content in the library books is pointless. This shows their interest in becoming great-learned people. The librarian characters are also shown as being sacred in the scene where they seek for a supernatural source to guide them and give advice on how to transform the library from an empty state to a more purposeful and significant functionality of learning (Perla 17). The librarians also believe that the supernatural power exists in one unique book within the current library, which acts as a guide for referring the reader to useful information. The narrating character, used by the author to tell the story appears to be truly creative. This is evident in his concept of an imaginary library in which its elements are made of the entire universe. The creativity appears where the narrator expresses an idea that cannot be rationalized within the real world. The narrator also appears to be explorative since within the description of his imagination, he brings in the element of discovery where he expresses a particular result if his ideas were brought to life (Perla 17). For example, the narrator experiments by creating a scenario in which the whole universe would transform into a library that would provide all humankind with the information they needed. In addition, the narrator creates a scenario in which the information would include the biographies of each individual that existed on earth. The social patterns illustrated in the author’s culture include being learned or the educated culture. This is because of his background of working in an occupation, where he is surrounded by educative or learning materials. Jorge Luis Borges had various roles including being a poet, writer, essayist, librarian and a University lecturer. This shows that in his career, he was surrounded by various fields of education and hence his interest in being associated with his learned culture. Borges’ work shows that he is critical and selective. For example, criticism is shown where he despises the current libraries by regarding the information contained as useless. This is the reason he expresses his idea of creating a particular library that is much greater in terms of its provision of significant information. The author displays his critiquing selective behavior where he expresses his comments on the functionality of the current libraries. The author also appears to honor and acknowledge the value of education in the society. This is evident in the way he expresses education in the story to the extent of including some form of divine power controlling the impact of information provided by educative materials. Reference Ackerley, C. â€Å"Borges’s the Library of Babel and Jeans’s the Universe Around Us.† The Explicator. 63.3 (2005): 170-172. Print. Eilon, Daniel. â€Å"Swift Burning the Library of Babel.† The Modern Language Review. 80.2 (2007): 269-282. Print. Sasso?n-Henry, Perla. â€Å"Borges’ â€Å"the Library of Babel† and Moulthrop’s Cybertext â€Å"reagan Library† Revisited.† Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature. 60.2 (2006): 11-22. Print.

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Charlottes Web Summary

'Charlotte's Web' Summary A masterpiece of American children’s literature, Charlottes Web  is a fable by E.B. White about a runt of a pig named Wilbur, who is loved by a little girl and befriended by a very clever spider named Charlotte. Summary of Charlottes Web Author E.B. White, a humorist and elegant essayist who wrote for the New Yorker and Esquire and edited The Elements of Style, wrote two other classic children’s books, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of the Swan. But Charlotte’s Web- an adventure story set largely in a barn, a story of friendship, a celebration of farm life, and much more- is arguably his finest work. The story begins with Fern Arable rescuing the runt of a pig’s litter, Wilbur, from certain slaughter. Fern cares for the pig, who beats the odds and survives- which is something a theme for Wilbur. Mr. Arable, fearing his daughter is becoming too attached to an animal that is being bred to be butchered, sends Wilbur to the nearby farm of Fern’s uncle, Mr. Zuckerman. Wilbur settles into his new home. At first, he’s lonely and misses Fern, but he settles in when he meets a spider named Charlotte and other animals, including Templeton, a scavenging rat. When Wilbur discovers his fate- pigs are raised to become bacon- Charlotte hatches a plan to help him. She spins a web over Wilbur’s sty that reads: â€Å"Some Pig.† Mr. Zucker spots her work and thinks it is a miracle. Charlotte keeps spinning her words, deploying Templeton to bring back labels so she can copy words such as â€Å"Terrific† over Wilbur’s pigpen. When Wilbur is taken to the country fair, Charlotte and Templeton go to continue their work, as Charlotte spins new messages. The results draw enormous crowds and Charlotte’s plan to save Wilbur’s life pays off. At the close of the fair, however, Charlotte says goodbye to Wilbur. She is dying. But she entrusts her friend with a sack of eggs she has spun. Heartbroken, Wilbur takes the eggs back to the farm and sees that they hatch. Three of Charlotte’s â€Å"kids† stay with Wilbur, who lives happily with Charlotte’s descendants.   Charlotte’s Web was awarded the Massachusetts Childrens Book Award (1984), Newbery Honor Book (1953), Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal (1970), and Horn Book Fanfare.

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Benefits of Distance Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Benefits of Distance Learning - Essay Example I. What is Distance Learning? a) Separation by Distance. 1. This is a situation whereby teaching learning takes place while the teacher and the students are separated by distance. b) Delivery of Instructions. 1. This is a situation whereby the instructions are delivered to the student via computer technology, video, print or voice. c) Interactive Communication. 1. In distance learning the teacher received feedback to the students which could be instant or delayed. II. Distance Learning Divisions a) Synchronous Delivery Type. 1. In this type of distance learning, the teacher and the students interact with each other instantly. 2. The instant interaction between the teacher and the student is facilitated by use of videoconferencing, audio conferencing and live internet chats. b) Asynchronous Delivery Type. 1. In this type of distance learning, the interaction between the teacher and the students is not instant. 2. The delayed interaction between the teachers and the students is facilitated by use of video tapes, audio tapes, radio, email and CD-Rom.

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Women religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women religion - Essay Example This paper will encompass this aspect with regard to the work done by some of the brave women who stood up for this right and provided an insight in to this matter. During the Puritan Age, there was a religious belief that the sacred text of Bible could only be understood by the holders of the local ministries. It was further believed that only they possessed the right to explain the religious text to others as they were the only ones who interpret the true meaning of the Holy Book. The ministers were all men and hence only they had this ultimate right which led them to manipulate religious thoughts according to their ways. They suppressed women by presenting their thoughts that females did not have the capability of understanding religion and that females were subordinate to them. Anne Hutchinson was a brave lady who stood up against these barriers in this period of ignorance and started preaching religion with her own viewpoint. Anne Hutchinson stood for the fact that a person had the capability of linking directly to God and they were not supposed to depend upon others for explaining religion to them. To support this she claimed, " that god had spoken to her directly and not through the intermediary of properly appointed (and male) minister"1. She was of the belief that religion had no barriers and a person was only accountable to God for his actions and not others. This resulted in an uproar since this was an unusual thing in that time. Females were suppressed and they were not supposed to express their perspectives of understanding religion. This led the state to take action against her and the Governor of Massachusetts imposed a ban on her ceremonies where she openly declared and taught her beliefs to other women and she was asked to undergo a court trial. The governor criticized her by saying "by the general assembly as a thing not tolerable nor comely in the sigh of God, nor fitting for your sex"2. Th is statement clearly indicates the male

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The Madding Crowd Essay Example for Free

The Madding Crowd Essay The second letter is written by Fanny Robin, a young girl who used to be a maid on Bathshebas farm, but ran away with Frank Troy, a soldier who she intended to marry. The letter was supposed to be given to Gabriel. In it she thanks him for his kindness on the night she left Weatherbury. She also says I am going to be married to the man who has courted me for some time Sergeant Troy and I should be much obliged if you would keep the contents of this letter a secret for the present. I think that she asked for it to be kept as a secret because she knows that Boldwood thinks so little of Troy. This is shown when Gabriel asks him what sort of man Troy is because Boldwood says Im afraid not one to build much hope upon in a case such as this. Gabriel shows Boldwood the letter because he knows that Boldwood cares for Fanny he looked after her when she was little. Fanny obviously feels certain that Troy will marry her whereas Boldwood does not trust her in the slightest and is expecting Troy to let her down. He is disappointed and says Silly girl silly girl. This is because in the letter she seems so happy, and he hates the idea of her getting hurt. Boldwood tries to help Fanny as much as he can. He speaks to Troy because he has an idea which will stop Fanny getting hurt. He says to Troy Marry Fanny. Ill make it worth your while, Ill settle a sum of money upon her, and Ill see that you dont suffer from poverty in the future. He offers Troy five hundred and fifty pounds to marry Fanny. On Bathshebas farm, a crisis occurred, all of her sheep escaped into a clover field and became bloated. The only way that they can be saved is by being lanced in the stomach in a specific place. The only man with the expertise and the equipment to do this is Gabriel, but he had been fired. Bathsheba sends someone to get him, but when the messenger returns Gabriel is not with him. He says he shall not come onless you request en to come civilly and in a proper manner, as comes any ooman begging a favour. Bathsheba then says Shall I beg to someone who has begged to me? This shows that she is stubborn. But her sheep were getting worse by the minute so she wrote a note that said do not desert me, Gabriel and Gabriel arrived. He cured all of the sheep for her, so she swallowed her pride and offered him his job back,. He simply says I will and she smiles. The next letter is the third important letter in the story. It is written by Bathsheba, and sent to Boldwood. She wrote that her final decision was that she could not marry him. This was because she had just met Frank Troy and fallen in love with him. Writing the letter was extremely cowardly because if she was going to turn him down she should at least have the courage to tell him herself, face to face not just leave a message on paper. As if this wasnt bad enough, the next evening Boldwood returned so she deliberately tried to avoid him as to not have to discuss the contents of the note. She apparently didnt realise that she was going to have to face up to Boldwood eventually. She ended up bumping into Boldwood a lot sooner than she could have imagined because that night the two met on Yalbury Hill. We are told that Boldwoods manner was stunned and sluggish so we can safely assume that he has already read the note. Whilst talking to Boldwood, Bathsheba was unsettled because Boldwoods life appeared to be in a mess and she knew that it was all her fault. He says I should have lived in if you had not attracted me by that letter valentine you call it and she obviously regrets sending the valentine because she says I have bitterly repented of it and can you still go on reminding me? She apologises to him for sending the valentine and says she pitys him, but it is too late, she has already hurt him incredibly. He finds it extremely hard to accept that she does not love him, and even though she has told him that she does not love him and will not marry him many times, he still says Say, Bathsheba, that you only wrote that refusal to me in fun and It isnt because you have no feeling in that you dont love me trying to persuade her to change her mind. The final letter in this novel is Gabriels letter of resignation. Bathsheba is at the grave of Fanny and Troy and is very depressed, just as Gabriel comes to see her. He tells her I may soon have to give up the management of your farm, Mrs Troy. The fact is, I am thinking of leaving England. After hearing this Bathsheba crys Leaving England! in surprise and genuine disappointment. This is awful news for Bathsheba who says what shall I do without you? She began to think of Gabriel a lot, and she sincerely wished that he wasnt going to leave. A few weeks later Bathsheba received a formal letter which asks her not to renew his engagement with her She decided to pay Gabriel a visit. She was upset because she thought that the letter meant that he had decided to leave, when what the letter really meant was that he wanted to marry her. The story ends with Bathsheba and Gabriel getting married. Each of the four letters have a major effect on the lives of the characters involved. However a couple of the letters were not the best decisions for the characters to make. For example, the letter that Bathsheba sent Boldwood wasnt really necessary because she shouldnt really have gone so long without making a final decision, and Boldwood should have accepted that she didnt want to marry him. He should also have been told that it was a joke right from the start. In the end it was only to be expected that Bathsheba and Gabriel would get married because he showed an interest in her right from the start, and she must have liked him and respected him because she always turned to him for advice. Paul Liscio Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy Y10.

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The Cycle of Slavery in The Tempest Essays -- Tempest essays

The Cycle of Slavery in The Tempest  Ã‚   William Shakespeare’s The Tempest blends elements of adventure and intellectual inquiry. The plot of Shakespeare’s last work contains comedy, romance, and action enough to sustain the interest of his common audience. However, there lies beneath the eloquent language and exciting plot an intelligent political commentary. Shakespeare uses the setting of a virtually uninhabited island as an experimental testing ground for the institution of slavery. Shakespeare shows through his island experiment that subjugation, once instituted, seems to perpetuate itself. While the most automatic explanation of this cyclical nature of slavery would be to say that this political rule is continued by the subjugators, the surprising reality is that it is the victim of colonialism who continues the cycle of slavery. Caliban, the native "islander"(2.2.36), despises his condition as a slave. However, in his attempt to disrupt and overthrow the political order instituted on the island by Prosp ero, Caliban actually provides evidence of the power of slavery over both man and mind. Caliban’s initial attempt to defy Prospero’s power via a verbal curse actually gives Prospero more authority as master in that the curse acknowledges the duke’s ultimate power. Caliban begins his speech with the vengeful request that all the evil "infections"(2.2.1) under the sun "fall"(2.2.2) upon the "tyrant"(2.2.160) Prospero. While Caliban wishes for Prospero to be so harmed by sickness, the slave does not have the power to make this happen. Instead, he must request that these evils "fall"(2.2.2) of their own accord upon Prospero. Caliban’s lack of authority because of his condition as a slave is immediately contrasted to that... ...tly subjugate Trinculo. This brilliant strategic move on Caliban’s part further perpetuates the cycle of subjugation. Once again it is the victim of slavery who acts as the agent in establishing and perpetuating slavery. In trying to benefit himself by breaking free of slavery, Caliban instead benefits the very practice he so despises. Slavery exerts its power in every aspect of Caliban’s life. In his speech, in his actions, in his thoughts, and even in his attempts to break free of slavery, Caliban cannot escape the powerful effects of subjugation. Caliban does not succeed in breaking the cycle of slavery. Its power and tendency to perpetuate itself are too great. Instead, the slave’s attempt to end his servitude actually propagates rather than abolishes the practice of slavery. Works Cited: Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Mineloa, NY: Drover, 1999.

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Contemporary Healthcare Specific Management and Leadership Practice Essay

If there is one word which describes the American health care environment during the last decade, that word is change. Professionals joining the health care industry during the 1990s will find little resemblance to the work environment their predecessors found a mere 10 years earlier. Physical therapy practice during the 1960s and 1970s was largely limited to three settings: the hospital, private practice and extended care institutions. Private practice followed the medical practice model and served primarily ambulatory outpatients. Hospital-based practice accounted for the majority of practice opportunities. Along with some limitations on professional autonomy, employment in hospital-based practice generally offered the greatest opportunities for variety in clinical practice. Literature Review Change is constant and usually affects an entire organization. Change sometimes can cause chaos and stress, but which must be acknowledged and dealt with in order to make an organization effective. Improving high-quality patient care is the most important issue for everyone in a physical health institution, and this improvement needs to remain a central focus of and the main reason for the change. Discussions with hospital executives reveal: There is a need for an action plan to meet the needs of a more culturally diversed population. Adverse patient care incidents are under-reported because there are different interpretations about what should be reported. The hospital has not been able to invest in training hospital staff on reporting requirements. There are no systematic report mechanisms in place. Further study on the case reveals that the peer review processes of the hospital are weak if not minimally compliant. The number of patient complaints about hospital care has been rising. Complaints are often complex, and may involve the hospital’s other health care facilities, and health professionals, as well. Medication errors have been a major concern for the hospital this lately. Though deficiencies were cited, the potential for patient harm was not clearly identified. Still, it has important influences on the quality of care for the medical facility. Faith also noted that their premium cost are decreasing, and is becoming a significant concern for the hospital. The lack of clear and concise ethics guidelines for medical personnel, especially on issues requiring ethical decisions. Each group of stakeholders has somewhat different concerns. That is, each cares more about some aspects of an organization’s activities and less about others. Customers. Many organizations say that they put the concerns of their customers or clients first. For U.S. companies, that often means improving the quality of the service while keeping costs in check. Interviews with the customers reveal that the health care organization’s Teamwork Competency account illustrates that using teams to improve quality is one approach that organizations can use to address the concerns of customers. Employees. Many of the concerns that employees have today reflect changes in the structure of organizations and the fact that work is a major activity in their lives. How a company treats employees during times of change is a key issue raised by this company. Pay is another area of concern to employees. The desire to receive equal pay for equal work is among the most important of workplace issues, according to a national survey of 40,000 women. Owners and Shareholders. For many organizations, the concerns of owners—that is, taxpayers and contributors—often are essentially those of society at large. But for privately owned companies, and those whose shares are publicly traded, the concerns of owners—that is, shareholders—may be quite different from those of society in general. Most shareholders invest their money in companies for financial reasons. At a minimum, they want to preserve their capital for later use. Because the job of institutional investors is to make money by choosing which companies to put their investment in, their perspective on corporate issues is to make profit generation the firm’s top priority. As professional investors, these shareholders have considerable power to influence management’s decisions. Physical therapy health care service product is a bundle of tangible and intangible benefits that satisfy patient’s needs. Factors as job design, role clarity, and autonomy affect employee attitudes, which in turn affect patient experience in the institution. These observations emphasize the need to look beyond the immediate and obvious aspects of satisfaction and to consider other aspects, which affect patient perception of their experience. In dealing with the hospital’s problems with respect to organizational processes, ethics and communication issues, it must be considered from three perspectives: structure, process and outcome. To assure that the hospital services are being appropriately provided, each dimension of hospital care provision must be considered. Quality of Life has different meanings as compared to the other health-related subject matters. It is used to describe a patient’s health status, a description of how he perceives himself and his point of view about his life.   But Quality of Life Concept encompasses more than the health status or one’s perception about self and life.   This concept analysis nursing paper serves to provide the most comprehensive definition about this concept and how it is used in medical terms at present. Quality of Life Concept has become an â€Å"impressive ‘explosive’ trend† talked about by medical field professionals, published in journals, books and various quality life articles for the last 10 years now.   Within this period, its concept continues to evolve and has reached three phases. In the first phase, there is the formal assessment made and classified as ‘physician’s judgment of the patient’s health’. In the second phase, the points of view of the patients were given focus and the tools used in the study were those applied from psycho-social fields. In the third phase, multi-dimensional questionnaires were adopted and the concept of Quality of Life and health status begin to have different meanings (Apolone and Mosconi, p.66, 1998). Today, the trend continues to evolve as patient-oriented measures are applied and studied from functional disability scales to spiritual quality of life and economic measures. It is also a lot of other possible factors that have effects on a patient’s perception about what quality of life is in relation to his health.   The patient’s point of view in quality and effectiveness is taken into consideration and is treated as a more comprehensive humanistic approach that determines what to him is quality of life (Apolone and Mosconi, p. 68, 1998). Definition of Quality of Life When we speak about quality of life in layman’s terms, it literally pertains to a number of definitions. It connotes with standard of living, available resources or conditions that tell about either the comforts or discomforts of life and such other identifiable meaning and perception about an ideal life.   There are many indicators about what quality of life a patient can perceive and most of these indicators depend variably on one’s cultural values. Defining Quality of Life for the purpose of this nursing concept paper is variable because it pertains to a â€Å"subjective experience†. Hence, it can not be measured with â€Å"object indicators.†Ã‚   Being the case, according to Skevington, studies show that the â€Å"best person to assess quality of life is arguably the individual himself† (Skevington, par. 4, 1999). When questions are asked to a patient and he, in turn, answers the questions, the medical professional likely gets a limited clinical success in the study of the patient’s history because of limited information.   He is unable to get the necessary data that may be of help in assessing the health condition of the patient.   Hence, there is a need to come up with a good quality-of-life measure that will enable health and interventions to be properly evaluated. The World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, in collaboration with the WHOQOL Group, designed an instrument called WHOQOL-100 that is used in â€Å"multinational clinical trials for the evaluation of quality-of-life outcomes during all types of health care interventions like surgery, counseling and medication.† (Skevington, par.1, 1999).  Ã‚   It is useful also for making cross-cultural function about perceived quality of life relating to health and at a one-to-one level, in improving communications between doctors and their patients in the consulting room (Skevington, par. 1, 1999). The WHOQOL has up come with such instrument and made it as comprehensive as possible to reach out to various global dimensions that are workable internationally. Moreover, it is intended for use by persons with chronic diseases, informal caregivers and people living in highly stressful situations. WHO defines health as a â€Å"state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity†.   On the other hand, the WHOQOL Group defines Quality of Life as â€Å"an individual’s perception of their position in life, in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live, and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns (Sousa).   It is so broad a concept that it affects the patient’s physical health, psychological state, level of independence, and social relationships with his environment in a very complex way.   In addition to this definition, WHOQOL Group has added the sixth domain to the list, which is â€Å"spirituality, religion, and personal beliefs.† (Skevington, par 5, 1999). Furthermore, the WHOQOL 100 is an instrument that is applied to heterogeneous cross-section of sick and well people in order to examine its internal consistency reliability, construct validity , and discriminant power (Skevington, par. 1999).. Concept of Quality of Life in Health Care The Quality of Life came about when the disciplines of sociology and psychology became an issue related to health care. It has emerged into a larger issue when technological advances were aimed at increasing life span. Quality of Life has become a means to guide a patient in deciding on whether to pursue a treatment or not for his or her ailment.   According to clinicians, Health-related Quality of Life is an appropriate focus for a patient who has a disease or who is ill, and whose aspects in life become health-related (Haas, p. 730, 1999). A)  Ã‚  Ã‚   Defining Attributes of Quality of Life. The Walker and Avant’s 1995 method of concept analysis of Quality of Life took note of the various characteristics or critical attributes recurring in the process of their studies and they are grouped according to four recurring themes.   The first theme is the â€Å"multi-dimensional and dynamic nature of the QOL.   Authors have stressed that QOL is a multi-dimensional concept considering that it is â€Å"based on values; is dynamic, ever changing and depends largely on the context in which it is measured† (Haas, p. 733, 1999). The second theme is that QOL includes an assessment.   In this case, the authors include words such as response, appraisal, measure, experience and assessment in defining and using QOL (Haas, p. 733, 1999).   The third theme is centered on the subjective nature of QOL. Grouped within this theme are words like perception, well-being, and satisfaction. (Haas, p. 733, 1999). The fourth and final theme recognizes the objective nature of QOL, with authors using â€Å"behavior, functioning, and environment as measures of QOL.† (Haas, p. 733, 1999). These defining attributes were sourced from the definitions and use of QOL. It mainly shows that QOL is indeed an individual’s current life circumstance. It further shows that it is multi-dimensional in nature and in being so, is based on values and is dynamic. It is also composed of both subjective and/or objective indicators. Finally QOL is subjectively measured by persons capable of self-evaluation.   (Haas, p. 733, 1999) (B) Congruence of the Concept with the Assumptions and Other Concepts within the Model/Theory. The QOL Model was formulated to provide a measure that takes into consideration both the components and determinants of health and well being that are consistent with the concept of Quality of Life. The QOL Model or Profile emphasizes on the person’s physical, psychological and spiritual functioning and his connections with his environments as well as opportunities for maintaining and enhancing skills (The Quality of Life Model, par 3, 2005). The Conceptual framework of the Quality of Life has three life domains which are aimed at providing a person to enjoy the more essential potentials of his life. (The Quality of Life Model, par 4, 2005) Each of the three domains has three sub-domains and they are as follows: (a)  Ã‚  Ã‚   Being pertains to who one is.   Its three sub-domains are: (1) Physical Being, which relates to a person’s or patient’s physical health, personal hygiene, nutrition, exercise, grooming and clothing, and general physical appearance; (2) Psychological Being, which relates to his psychological health adjustment, cognitions, feelings, self-esteem, self-concept and self-control; (3) Spiritual Being, which relates to his personal values, personal standards of conduct and spiritual beliefs. (The Quality of Life Model, par. 5, 2005) (b)  Ã‚   Belonging pertains to the person’s connections with his environment. Its three sub-domains are: (1) Physical Belonging, which relates to his connections with his home, work place/school, neighborhood and community; (2) Social Belonging, which relates to his connections with his intimate others, family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood and community; (3) Community Belonging, which relates to his connections with matters pertaining to adequate income, health and social services, employment, educational programs, recreational programs or community events and activities. (The Quality of Life Model, par 5. 2005) (c)  Ã‚  Ã‚   Becoming pertains to achieving personal goals, hopes and aspirations. Its three sub-domains are: (1) Practical Becoming, which relates to achieving personal goals in domestic activities, in work, in school or volunteer activities or seeing to health and social needs; (2) Leisure Becoming, relates to activities that promote relaxation and stress reduction; (3) Growth Becoming, relates to activities that promote the maintenance or improvement of knowledge and skill and adapting to change. (The Quality of Life Model, par. 5, 2005) Ferrans Conceptual Model of Quality of Life. Ferrans has developed a model based on the adoption of the individualistic ideology, which recognizes that quality of life depends on the unique experience of individuals. He maintains that the individual person is the only accurate judge of his quality of life because people differ in their perceptions and values. (Ferrans, par. 1, 1996)   This model uses qualitative methodology and has identified four domains of quality of life: health and functioning as psychological/spiritual, social and economic, and family. (Ferrans, par 1, 1996)   Patient data are analyzed in relation to these domains of quality of life. Researchers, physicians, policy makers adopt the Quality of Life concept as an instrument that tests the validity, reliability and effectiveness of different and relevant sub-domains for the purpose of evaluating the impact of medical interventions on the population (Apolone and Mosconi, p. 68, 1998). Since the concept is considered non-medical determinant, it is treated as confounder, a complementary way for effectiveness of care to a patient. This is because medicine still plays the major role in determining the final health outcome of a patient. (Apolone and Mosconi, p. 68, 1998) Since patients are the proper judge of their quality of life, there are ways to enhance the well-being of patients who may have a poor quality of life.   Studies show that the presence of positive feelings in patients is the most important feature of the kind of quality of life he has. Patients, with positive feelings most likely enjoy a pleasant quality of life than those who are in-patients and sick. A person has control of his emotions which can generally affect his state of mental being.   It is a matter of developing the positive attitude and containing oneself into thinking of a positive outlook in life.