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The Hindu Marriage Ceremony - 631 Words

Marriage is highly thought of and a very important rite of passage in the Hindu culture. There are many aspects and procedures included in a Hindu Marriage ceremony. Some of which will be discussed in this essay. The Hindu culture is very traditional and religious, especially when it comes to Marriage. Marriage is a ceremony that celebrates a woman and a man’s love for one another. Marriage is the transition from the first stage of life of education and learning, to the second stage of life, building a household and raising a family. The bride and groom must go through a few processes before they are pronounced ‘married.’ The ceremony is put in place to ensure the women and men getting married know the commitments that need to be abided by in order to be a married couple. In a Hindu Marriage Ceremony, there are many features throughout the ceremony that symbolise particular things. Symbols are very important in a Hindu Marriage Ceremony. The bride of the wedding often wears clothes or jewellery to symbolise or remind her of particular roles that come with a marriage. An example of a symbol that women wear to symbolise they are married is toe rings. Married Hindu women wear toe rings to remind themselves of their marital status and the restrictions that come with being a married woman. Some other symbols worn by a woman is bangles. A married Hindu woman is prohibited from leaving her arms bare once she is married, therefore, she must wear bangles to signify that she isShow MoreRelatedHindu Weddings1444 Words   |  6 PagesPAPER – (Need Title) Extravagant clothing, succulent victuals, exquisite flowers, spectacular photography and many other grand decorations are the foundation of a Hindu marriage. Hindu marriages, like most other cultural wedding ceremonies, are deeply concerned with their religious rituals and customs. Most ceremonies in the Hindu culture are family oriented with great emphasis on entertainment and inspiration. Also, off course, the amount of decorations and the extent to which the rituals areRead MoreThe Sacred Ritual Of Marriage1366 Words   |  6 Pagesritual of marriage in Catholic Christianity and Hinduism, while superficially different, are essentially the same. This is particularly evident when analysing similarities and differences in each faith’s perception of the purpose of marriage, the structure of the two wedding ceremonies, the symbols involved in the two ceremonies, and the role of family in the Catholic and Hindu wedding ceremony. An area of similarity within Catholic weddings and Hindu weddings is the purpose of marriage. Both CatholicismRead MoreEssay on Hinduism and Marriage777 Words   |  4 Pages Hinduism and Marriage In a hindu marriage the words and action means more than just words. It is a guide for the rest of the life. -------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Hinduism, a marriage between two persons is a sacred relationship that is not limited to this life alone. It extends across seven or more lives, during which the couple help each other progress spiritually. The adage that marriages are made in heavenRead MoreEssay about Marriage Rituals Hinduism and Muslim1169 Words   |  5 PagesMarriage is a significant social event in contemporary society. It is a means of building new bonds between two individuals and their subsequent families. The foundations of memorable weddings are built on those that bring often-distant family and friends together for the occasion, while dressed in their most sophisticated attire, surrounded by elegant flowers, a night of dancing, captured through the lens of an exceptional photographer. Although Hinduism and Islam are two extremely distinctive religionsRead MoreMarriage and Gender Roles Within Married Life815 Words   |  3 PagesMarriage and Gender Roles Within Married Life Marriage is one of the most sacred and intimate rituals or celebrations that exist in all religions. It is often seen as an important and a defining step in your life. Traditionally, marriage is a ritual and ceremony that celebrates the official joining of two people by law. This definition of marriage varies from culture to culture since marriage can be viewed differently for them. The two religions of Hinduism and Buddhism both allow marriages, butRead MoreThe Importance of Rites of Passage to a Humanist, Questions and Answers1257 Words   |  5 Pagesbeliefs. The rites of passage which humanists celebrate are births, deaths, marriages and naming ceremonies, along with others. I believe rites of passage are important to humanist, because it shows that the individual is going through various stages of their life/education/career. Even though humanists are not religious, rites of passage are still important. Humanists celebrate births by holding a naming ceremony. Family and friends come together to celebrate the new arrival of a child. UsuallyRead MoreEssay on A Hindu Wedding986 Words   |  4 PagesA Hindu Wedding In Hinduism marriage is not just the joining of two people, whose souls are brought together mentally and physically, but of two families. There are sixteen sacraments that must be performed whilst a Hindu is alive to make the life of the individual prosperous and noble, one of these is marriage. Many Hindu wedding ceremonies follow the same sequence of events, whether it is an arranged marriage or not. I went to the wedding ceremony of Anika ShahRead MoreEssay On Rites Of Passage1505 Words   |  7 Pagespassage from one identity to the next† (Robins, Cummings and McGarry 2016, 61). Marriage is the 15th and most important rite of passage in a Hindu’s life (Holme and Bowker 1994, 72). This rite of passage is known as â€Å"vivaha† and the rituals conducted during the ceremony vary from each region in India. â€Å"Satpadi† translates to â€Å"Seven Steps† and is the final ritual of the â€Å"vivaha†. This occurs during the marriage ceremony of one s life where the bride and groom tie a piece of their clothing togetherRead MoreA comparison of Marriage Practices Between American and Indian Culture963 Words   |  4 PagesMarriage practices vary across cultures. Every culture has its own way of conducting marriage according to their traditions and customs. Most cultures share common customs and practices, while some cultures have unique practices. Marriage refer s to a social union agreed upon by the couples to unit as spouses. The union of couples implies sexual relations, permanence in union, and procreation. This research paper focuses on comparing marriage practices in American and Indian culture. There is significantRead MorePersonal Experience: Hindu Weddings837 Words   |  3 Pagestraditional and are a very big celebration. As Marriage Clix exclaims, â€Å"Indian weddings tend to be very vibrant and elaborate affairs† (Indian Wedding Blog). Indian weddings are definitely an amazing event because they have a vast variety of cultural traditions that are performed, the luxuries are quite exquisite, and the arrangements and pre/after parties are very exciting. To start off, the grandeurs of Hindu weddings are quite interesting. In many Hindu weddings, the bride and groom’s apparel is

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