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Project Management Process Analysis

Question: Describe about the Project Management Process. Answer: 1.1 project management is a process of planning, controlling, directing, and organizing for achieving a specific organization goal effectively and efficiently. A project is a temporary process which is created for produce a service or a good and gets a desired result in a specific time. 1.2 Project manager should check mails in his day to day schedule. project manager should make his to do list to ensure that what his team will do in a whole day. project manager will assign task to his team which they have to do in a day. 1.3 project success is when we get our desired goal in our specific time with our specific budget. The positive outcome of success of any project will increase our organization goodwill and also increase in our stability in market. 1.4 yes we get success in one project. we create a e-shopping portal in which we provide our product to customers online we serves a good quality product by which we get a good revenue and good feedback. 1.5 project management is a process of execution of our strategy and the project success is the outcome of our project. 1.6 Considering your representatives adequately responsible: in this a project manager should reserve their best employee in their organization. This is beneficial for our organization. In this we pay to our employee according to their capability. Setting our objectives at the top: in this we have to set our objective which is measurable and can get by our work. We should not set an objective which has not their value. Not investing enough energy with your workers on profession improvement: in this we should give task to our employee according to their interest so they can do work with interest and give their fully contribution. 1.7 yes everyone can become a good project manager. Yes a function manager controls on all functions which is performed in an organization. He can also become a good project manager also because in project management project manager controls on all the activity which is performed in an project. 1.8 An effective management considers that whether the project will be successful or not. If there is absence or lack of effective management the team will sprats in many parts team member does not work together there is also lack of effective communication conflicts will rise and responsibilities are not clearly defined. If a leader defines clear responsibilities of each team member, it can be result of a effective outcome and develop their group cohesiveness and good performing team. 2.1 project management contributes a lot in our society. By project management we got many thing, many techniques, etc. like the great wall of china, the great pyramid of Giza, the critical path method(CPM), the program evaluation review techniques (PERT). By management of any project we can get success and if the all country members contribution toward the country we will achieve highly success. If they do work by managing all the things they will get fame and our society, our organization will rise by this our world also developed. 2.2 By positive project management we can take optimum utilization of our resources, can build our goodwill in market, provide good services and product to the customers, increase in consumers satisfaction, opportunities in enhance our services, improve in the sustainability of our organization in the market, decrease in our risk , increase in our quality and quantity. yes I feel that project methodical is useful because by this project process smoothly towards success. By this we can get optimum utilization of our resources can achieve our goal effectively and efficiently. yes I think that approach things with has similarities to project management for example we held a team meeting for resolve communication gap and conflicts between team and stakeholders. In which we use communication management. project management is which we manage a particular project in which we manage all the things which is done in the project and which effect the project and in change management we manage all that changes which will arise in our organization normally a formal letter is issued of change requirement in which some things are mention like what kind of changes came, who will issued this, by this change what things will effect. No I have never wanted to change anything because our project strategy was so good and we spent a lot of time and specification to manage all things. May be our stakeholders wants to change something but I did not want. At the starting of our project we use waterfall technology and after the seeing of requirements we decided to change our method from waterfall to agile by change in our technology we reduced our cost and do our work in less time and with a effective results. System is that in which way we perform a program and a project. A program is which perform in a long term and it consist multiple projects of both short duration and a long duration. Project can be both for a short duration and also long duration. Yes I experienced of failed our project. we done a project but the client continuously change in their requirement and we can not get that changes at the dead line and we failed to perform that project. For resolve this issue we can do more work and give extra time and employees to that project. in project life cycle there is a four stage first stage is initiation of any project which we decide that what would be we do. In second stage we are planning that what we will do in future and what. In third stage we do implementation and controlling of our strategy and our project and the last fourth stage in which we get the success or failure both and will close the project . in project methodology we include process, technology, employees, and strategy to convey our message to employees in a effective way so they can understand it. people, work, tools, and organization are effect the project management methodology because if people does not accept the method they will not work good and we can not use our tools efficiently and our organization will not survive for a long time so we have to decide it according to them. Yes it is important because by this can use our restricted assets also. If we follow project methodology we will continuously improve our organization because by project methodologies we can change our technology, our strategy fast according to circumstances. We do many projects in our life in which changes come and we change our strategy and improve in them continuously according to the changes. We did a project in which we have to change in our technology for meet the desired result and as soon as technology changes we done also changes in our project and improve in project and also improve in our experience and knowledge. At the starting our project use the waterfall technology by this we consume a lot of time and the outcome from this was not good we decided to change in our technology and we started to use agile at the place of waterfall and because of this we get success and done our work in short duration and effectively. (Bendersky, 2003) 3.1 a best employees staff is that where they have the potential to do any kind of work in their particular field. They should have focus on organizational goal and do their work effectively and give their interest toward organization goal. At the time of hiring any project manager we took interview and see the potential to do work, self starter, good leader, etc. 3.2 a project manager should have a good leadership, self starter, eligibility of taking quick decision , have to know how to deal in crisis situations, managing skills, etc. 3.3 when an organization hire a wrong project manager we can not achieve the desired goal we do our work in less effectiveness and our organization goodwill will falls down and decreases in our revenue and can not sustain in market for a long time and can face loss also. 3.4 yes the project mangers of today are different from project manger ten years ago because technology is changing day by day and at that time the technology was not so good and the workforce also less educated and with less knowledge. At that time we work in a hand written form which is very time taking and cost consuming also and now the technology is very fast and we can do our work fast and more effectively. 3.5 yes at ten years ago we done our work slow and less effective like at past we use telegram for convey our message to someone for doing our work in a formal way, but at persent we use mail which is faster that it. 3.6 yes I tried it many times in changing our efficiency. 3.7 in an project there are requirement of fast result for achieving this I worked extra time with extra efficiency. 4.1 By doing project management we manage our project and resolve our conflicts, gap between team and stakeholders and by this we get success. 4.2 yes we can predict success in our project because we manage the project for getting success and doing hard work . we predict success by following our strategy, guidelines, etc. 4.3 by good and effective management of any project we can get a successful project. For getting success in any project we should do work hard and make effective and flexible strategy. 4.4 for achieve success first we plan that what will be do and convey their message to all and what resources will be use in our project and created the risk plan at the starting. 4.5 if there is any effective project we can describe it by seeing contribution of our employee towards organizational goal, and their interest in achieving the goal and we work at the right time. 4.6 yes sometime controls on our expectations would result of success because sometimes we control our expectation by seeing some critical situations and do work calmly in that situation and get success in that situation . 4.7 we made a change plan in which we maintain our changes which we done in our past by this if any changes comes in future so we can take any decision very fast. 4.8 We will describe best for layout of our planning and describe purpose schedule. (Anne, 2012) 5.2 In an any organization a project manager is very important he is responsible for all the team members and he have to tackle all the stakeholder and do the work at right time. 5.3 yes everyone can become a good project manager. Yes a function manager controls on all functions which is performed in an organization. He can also become a good project manager also because in project management project manager controls on all the activity which is performed in an project. 5.4 An effective management considers that whether the project will be successful or not. If there is absence or lack of effective management the team will sprats in many parts team member does not work together there is also lack of effective communication conflicts will rise and responsibilities are not clearly defined. If a leader defines clear responsibilities of each team member, it can be result of a effective outcome and develop their group cohesiveness and good performing team. 5.5 yes line manager transfer his power to project manager. By this line manager reduce is work and get work fast and also get specialization and effectiveness in work. 5.6 The directors take best choices on the premise of vocation way in the venture driven instead of profession development in non-venture association. The development and examination are the real part of the venture driven association, since they can improve the quality and adequacy of association in the business sector. A vocation way relies on upon the profession development. 5.7 I want to be a delivery manager and currently I am a project manager and by implicating good strategy I achieve good success and after that I become senior project manager and I implement all the good strategy again I will be a delivery manager. 5.8 Mechanistic vs. Organic Structures narrow spans of control; high centralization, specialization, and formalization decentralization, low specialization and formulization functional organization structure degree of specialization for employees, easily scalable it create barrier in many functions process based organizational structure improving speed and efficiency, easily adaptable barriers between different process, problem of communicating 5.9 there should be therapy and seminar secession held. Because by these secessions employee morale improve time to time and give them a boost and for also knowing new updated technology. It held on monthly bases or a weekly base. 5.10 project manager is responsible for his subordinates and his clients and also for line manager. A functional team member are responsible for his functional manger, a functional manger is responsible for his project manager. 6.1 From the start stage, the accompanying ought to be accessible preceding aggregate system booking: Statement of work Project details Milestone arrangement Work breakdown structure notwithstanding the above: Resources ought to be known Linear obligation graphs ought to be developed Network charts ought to be made Priorities ought to be known. 6.2 in personal life we held audio call and weekly held a video call on which we discuss our problems and get their solutions. 6.3 With the help of WBS that the manager of the project creates we will get the correct tasks which required for completing and they came to understand how many of the projects are very complex project. 6.4 Yes, with the help of building the WBS allocation to the resources are easily tracked and manager of the project will check if any of the resource would not over loaded. We can identify the relation between resources and their dependencies with the tasks. 6.5 The role of functional manager is throughout the WBS phase and will be live in that. This manager should work very closely with the managers of the project so that they can establish the project control required for the structure of the project. 6.6 Yes, many time functional managers overlook the project plan created by us and thus various issues got overlooked and they occur at the time of developing the project. Thus, it will impact the delivering time, cost and quality of the project. 6.7There are few conflicts that occur at the time of planning phase and we have used various modes to resolve this issue: By functional manager they should have the identification of the full requirement Recognition of the responsibility that are associated with it The tasks and objectives are having priorities. 6.8 In tasks outer to the association, as in aggressive offering, the temporary worker may have to set up the Statement of Work (SOW) for the client on the grounds that the client may not have a group of individuals prepared in its readiness. For this situation, as some time recently, the temporary worker would submit the Statement of Work (SOW) to the client for endorsement. It is additionally entirely normal for the venture chief to revamp a client's Statement of Work (SOW) so that the contractor's line supervisors can cost out the exertion. 6.9 We used to share the daily status mail to the client with which they come to know the current progress status of the project and then on weekly basis we used to have the audio call with the client in whom we will discuss status, any issues and solution to them. 6.10 The time-phase WBS breaks the activity of the project on time when they get finished. The departmental-phase of WBS breaks the activities of project as per the department that are responsible for finishing the task. Finally, the division-phased WBS divides the activities of project that are based on division which are responsible for them. The combinations for them are helpful mainly if we mix time-based with one of the other. 7.1 The specification of the project is the description that is involved for the comprehensive aims for the project development. It includes the functionality, goals and required the details for team development for the customer to fulfill the vision. 7.2 Below are the 3 steps for building the WBS: Begin with the high level deliverables or the tasks Subtasks should be recognized Every task should be described. 7.3 Below are few problems: At the point when the WBS is finished, it ought to contain each work bundle made amid the deterioration stage, with a code mirroring the progressive system. Every work bundle ought to have its own particular code, spending plan, and evaluated term. 7.4 The senior manager role is that it will be responsible for approving the created WBS from the stakeholders. 7.5 Yes, senior management is very significant for the project as he will build the bridge between the team members and the stakeholders. He will responsible for delivering the success of the project from initial phase to the closure. 7.6 The executive role at the phase of planning is such that it will facilitate and estimate various things that are required for the project executive. (Zander, 2010) 7.7 The event is that we have planned a party within the team and one team member took the ownership for whole of the arrangement but at last due to some personal issue he was not able to join then I took the ownership and finish the party with success without any major issues. 7.8 The project plan would describe the control, management and execution of the project and below are the things which are there in this: Scope management Requirement management Schedule management Financial management Resource management Quality management Risk Communication 7.9 The various plans which are included in the project plan are mentioned in the above question. 7.10 The project charter is the document which states the status of the project that exists and gives the manager of the project where work starts. It will communicate the authority and thus explain various things to stakeholders and participants of the project. 7.11 We will make the project plan as MPP and then check the status in the MPP to find the current project status. We will review the MPP on the periodic ways. 7.12 SOW (statement of work) is the document that employed routinely in project management field. It will define the timelines, deliverables, activities that are specific to the project for the vendor that are providing various services to customer. 7.13 Configuration management is the process for system of engineering for maintaining and establishing the consistency for the product physical attributes, functional and performance with the data that are operational, design and requirement throughout his project life cycle. 7.14 We have used Agile project management in the planning of the project with which in the starting we have gathered all the required and get the sign off or approval from the client on that. 8.1 Continuous improvement means whatever we are doing currently is better than what we did in the past. So, from the past experience we learnt and improve the next project. 8.2 There are so many incidents where we did continuous improvement. In my old project in beginning of requirement gathering we didnt know the mode for weekly status meeting and when we actually did it we face problems. But in current project we finalized the mode for this status meeting. 8.3 Quality is outcome of some process within specified time limit, cost and expectation. So, with the help of continuous improvement we will able to deliver the project within defined time limit with less involvement of cost and thus it impact directly. 8.4 The movement of the quality would trace back the roots to the medieval Europe, where the organizing began the craftsman into various unions that are called as guilds in the century of late 13th. 8.5 Quality is ensuring that whatever was done was at the specified time line, with less involvement of cost and with the expectation of what to do. 8.6 We did periodic reviews of the project for tracking the growth and current status of the project so that quality will be maintained. 9.1 After estimating the project man hours and analyzing the WBS, we assign resources as per task associated in WBS and then comparing the total number of hours with WBS hours. 9.2 We do analysis at the project beginning with the skills required for the project and the skills that are there in the team. Then we do skills mapping and then ensuring that person have right skills as per the task. 9.3 We build the proper project scope management plan in which we cover in scope, out scope and constraints that are needed for the project. This plan should get reviewed periodically. 9.4 The changes happen because stakeholder involvement, resource unavailability and issue or changes involved with infrastructure or some time issues related to geographic changes. 9.5 Yes, we experienced the need for change. In one of the project, initially it was planned to work the project from offshore but client was worried about data security thus we have placed the resources at onsite who convey everything to client. So, each requirement will flow from client to onsite coordinator and then to offshore team. (Turner, 2010) 10.1 The project is termed as complex project in which there are involvement of multiple stakeholders and if the duration of the project is big and cost involvement is high. 10.2 Simple project can be managed with less planning and very few numbers of resources whereas in the complex project the main focus is on planning and we follow periodic review for progress status. 10.3 Agile project management would applied when there are multiple project deliverables then we will divide the whole project into various scrums and then we used to deliver each scrum as one stage to the client. Conclusion Workers may imagine that the "limitations triple" model for time expense and degree. In this we have given three of the exercises that were finished by the director on the consistent schedule. We have likewise given different difficulties which were confronted by the venture director. In this we have given different abilities which an undertaking director ought to have for get procured for the association. With this they help in upgrading the productivity and execution of the whole venture. Specifically, the central errand of endeavors is to unite the works of different people into a singular, sound whole that will be significant to people or customers. When you look at it thusly, it's no enormous amazement that various hopefuls harden up and encounter trouble preparing an average instance of a mistake. Perceiving how develops change and what that refinement means to the organization of the undertaking is essential to adequately managing an endeavor. Exactly when resources are tight, it's a great deal more crucial that you grasp the explanation behind what you are orchestrating and what favorable circumstances it may bring. References Jehn, K. A., Bendersky, C., 2003, Intragroup conflict in organizations, Vol. 25, pp. 187242 Dee Anne, 2012, Leading a project team, Butler,L. C. and Zander, L., 2010, Leadership modes: Success strategies from multicultural teamsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¸. Journal of Management 26(3), pp. 258-267 Mller, R., Turner, R.J., 2010, Leadership competency profiles of successful project managersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã… ¸. Journal of Project Management 28(1), pp. 437-448

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